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What to Consider Before Home school.

Discussion in 'Homeschooling Forum' started by 4boys4joys, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. 4boys4joys

    4boys4joys New Member

    Jul 31, 2007
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    Advice I gave to a friend:

    Home school is more than just an option it is a life choice. Home schooling means that I am deciding that I am going to the main social and spiritual example in my childs life. For example some ask me about not having them around other kids there age, I say what can a another 7 year old teach my 7 year old. I do not say this in a spirit of bragging because I have not been the perfect testimony to my kids but I wil say that people can tell they are homeschooled based on chracter that some schooled in other arenas may not have.

    Most jump into home school and think about what curricula or schedule or if they are capable. I have realized that the first question we should ask is are we willing to be the first and foremost model of my childrens life. And if so can I do this for the Lord. I will be honest we soemtimes forget to include the Lord in school each day, then one child will say wow did we pray for God's help. Yes we had devotion but did we pray for God's help with school.Having an adult as the primary influence can be very beneficial to the child. The only draw back I see is when we draw back from the Lord.

    I hope that you will first consider the spiritual responsibility that comes with this. It is a great oppurtunity yet it is one that takes alot of committment. I am not trying to scare you away from home school I am simply trying share something with you that many do not or never realize. The home school becomes the number one influence in the life of her children.