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What Will Heaven be Like?

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by righteousdude2, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. righteousdude2

    righteousdude2 Well-Known Member
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    Oct 14, 2007
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    On my Fb ministry, a brother just asked what heaven would be like, and I responded like this: "Well, we know that nothing on earth, or in life, can come anywhere close to heaven. So close your eyes, open your heart, and think as large and big as your spirit will allow you to imagine, and you will get a slight glance of heaven."

    Notice I said "Slight" because we can never comprehend just how wonderful and beautiful heaven will actually be!

    So hang in there. Don't stray from the narrow path. Keep the faith, no matter what you encounter, and the rewards will be better than you could ever imagine!


    BTW - What do you think heaven will be like?
  2. saturneptune

    saturneptune New Member

    Jan 16, 2006
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    What will heaven be like? Good question. Imagery in the Bible gives our limited human mind a glimpse, or as Paul says, through a translucent glass. IMO, the first thing to realize is that we are in the presence of the God and Jesus Christ. Aside from the mere sight of them being indescribable, the joy, love, and other fruits of the Spirit must be bursting forth in us in a manner we can only dream about now. Maybe a sense of total well being is a good description.

    Also, it is a presence without time and space. That is really hard to imagine. Phrases like we are here are there do not apply. Songs we have written like "when we been there ten thousand years" do not apply. The appearance of things in 3D does not apply, nor does how we experience time.

    I heard a lecture on this once, maybe a crude comparison. In time, we exist on a line, say a ruler, and move along the line from birth until death, and only see one point at a time. God, outside of time, sees the whole ruler at once.

    On space, it was explained in an indirect way. If there was some type of life in a 2D world,and it tried to contact us in a 3D world, we would not look as we really. Say a person lives in a 2D world on a piece of paper, just 2D. If they could contact us and we responded with our fingers, we would put them through the paper. The 2D people would see us as five small holes from out fingers intersecting the paper. Is that how we look? I know that is crude, but if one expands 3D upwards, the sights we will see, the feeling we will feel, are beyond imagination.

    Heaven is not clouds, winged creatures, harps, streets of gold, a house at the edge of gloryland, I'll fly away, transporting to stars and planets, pursuing our favorite hobby, talking old times with people here on earth, etc. We wil be praising and worshiping Jesus Christ, and His presence alone will fulfill the deepest need anyone ever had.

    I always hear, when I get to heaven, I am going to get this or that settled, you know, like how was the Creation really done, how does God's will mix with His sovereinty, why does the Democratic Party exist, anyway, I do believe in heaven it will not matter, as our attention will be focused on Jesus Christ. We will know, but will have no desire to argue 24/7 (there I go with the time thing again) with someone about it.

    We recently had a subject come up in our church about if we really would know in heaven who our family was on earth. There is disagreement about will I see my wife, uncle, parents, etc... I do not know, but if we do are aware of their presence, again, like the above paragraph, I believe our attention if focused on Jesus Christ, and Mom and Dad are the same as the person on the next block or in China.

    As Pastor Paul is trying to get across, it is beyond our feeble minds to understand, but since God went to all the trouble to create us, provide for us, sacrifice His Son for us, it is obvious He loves us beyond what we know, and it is obvious He has a wonderful future fo us in Glory.
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