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Will Church ‘Cave’ on Marriage? Southern Baptist Leader: ‘Not Going To Happen’

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by Revmitchell, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Revmitchell

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    Feb 18, 2006
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    Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, said on Wednesday that when it comes to Southern Baptist churches and other Christian pastors caving in on ​the​ traditional definition of marriage -- between one man and one woman -- “that’s not going to happen.”

    “I think there are a lot of people who assume, and especially secular progressives, who assume, if we just apply some pressure here, some cultural pressure, some political pressure, then the Catholic Church is going to cave,” said Moore during a Politico breakfast event in Washington, D.C.

    He continued, “The Evangelicals are going to cave. The Mormons are going to cave, and they’re just going to say, ‘Forget what we said before about marriage and sexuality.’”

    “And that’s not going to happen,” said Moore. “Because it can’t happen.”

    “This isn’t something that’s incidental to what we believe,” he said. “We believe that marriage and sexuality are covenantal pictures of the union of Christ and His church. And we believe that it has eternal consequences for the wellbeing and the souls of the people who participate in those things.”

  2. Salty

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    Apr 8, 2003
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    Or will the Mormon church come out and say they have had a new revelation, and God once again encourages polygamy?