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Yahoo! - Homosexuals

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by HAMel, Apr 14, 2015.

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  1. HAMel

    HAMel Well-Known Member

    Nov 15, 2009
    Yahoo! is an extremely liberal news media. They do promote homosexual stories and everything associated with our current administration, all in a positive light. They also promote article regarding minorities falling victim to so called white supremacy i.e. cops shooting blacks but conveniently omit stories of whites falling victim to black gangs..., such as the knock-out game.

    When a story comes to light regarding homosexuals folks respond claiming to be Christian and immediately begin to quote scripture regarding that life style and that they are all going to hell..., end of subject.

    As expected, the above response is inflames and the response is immediate. Those who believe in the Lord are "haters", "Bigots", "Religions Zealots", "discriminators", that we read the book of "Fairy Tales" and the derogatory comments just flow.

    Well, I posted the following the other day on Yahoo! regarding Hillary and her advertisement featuring two homosexuals walking down the sidewalk.

    The truth has been made visible to all of us. Homosexuals reject that knowledge contained in the truth which has been made clear to them and as such, respond in the negative. As always, once one turns from the light (truth) they enter into darkness. That darkness then permeates their inner being, their heart, mind, soul, emotions and ultimately affects their reasoning ability.
    Openly living the homosexual life style is but a public testimony of living the consequences for which they have chosen for themselves. Their lifestyle then offers proof of them surrendering to lustful desires which dishonor themselves. To feel good about it all and themselves, they attempt to make the rest of us feel guilty over their decision(s).

    I won't bother you will (all) of their responses but it was kind of interesting as "they" really were at a loss to respond in the usual and customary accusatory way. Here's a couple of the responses.

    ...and I know this is a bit jungled but the point I'm making is I did not bang them over the head with the Bible. My aim was to cause them to think outside of their box.

    Poster. H. A., okay, so define this "truth" that you keep waving around. If you are not prescribing to religious dogma, then what are you talking about, because your original comment says absolutely nothing. Just stating the word "truth" actually means nothing.

    My response. Okay, I'll start with that "truth" I'm waving around. Have you ever been in an underground cavern? If not, you should visit one. Deep inside any cavern with the lights off the darkness is so repressive that it's hard to accept. At this point, light a candle. The "darkness" flees that small light. It literally cannot withstand that small light and retreats however, it's constantly trying to overcome that small flame but it can't. If that candle flickers so does the darkness. Said darkness, try as it may, simply cannot overcome that little flame giving "light". Move the light around and it repels the darkness at every turn. The "truth" that I am "waving around" is the reality of that little flame. That "light". Those full of darkness have no light so as to repel the darkness.

    Poster. H.A., again you talk about truth and light but give no indication of your source of truth and light. You judge gay people as being in darkness, but you do not give us the source of your ethical code to make this moral judgement. Do you just assume that what you believe is the light, and those who disagree with you are in darkness?

    My response. in the darkness..., like in a darkened cavern with no light, how could one find their way? One couldn't. On an island of blind men with one man having one eye, who would be king? The one who can see the "light". You're asking me to provide you with my "source of truth" when (reality) shines forth daily? You accuse me of "Judging" gay people? I've judged no one! If you have no "light" in your soul then you are in darkness. It's really that simple. Now, if a gay person decide to carry on with their life, so be it. Who am I to tell them otherwise. All I'm suggesting is that you seek an inward light. If it "ain't" one then change the bulb.

    Me again. and "confusing" those of us who aren't interested in the homosexual life style does not make us discriminators, haters, religious freaks, bad people or ugly people. Besides, I never said a "gay person" was (dark or evil). I merely stated they have no light in their souls and that's an individual issue. I can see where many are very sincere and honest and caring. Far from being (dark or evil).

    So what 'cha think? Good approach? Bad approach? Obviously, throwing scripture at them..., which is what they need only inflames and nothing is accomplished.
  2. Van

    Van Well-Known Member

    Mar 4, 2011
    [off-subject hate snipped]

    They believe they were born that way, thus to not accept them is like not accepting blacks because of skin color. They are seeking protection under the law, as if they were a genetic class of people.

    We are being assaulted with darkness from the mass media. They nurture myths, (hands up don't shoot, man-made caused climate change, homosexual behavior reflects genetics not choice, etc.)

    The Godless lefts war of Christianity is alive and well. The Bible teaches it is better to be free than slave, but they want to make us slaves of the state. So they are out to destroy our belief in inalienable rights bestowed by God such as life, starting at conception, liberty such as eating at Mac Donald's, and the pursuit of happiness such as associating with Christians who strive to follow Biblical standards.
    #2 Van, Apr 14, 2015
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 14, 2015
  3. Darrell C

    Darrell C Well-Known Member

    Jan 30, 2010
    Just as a suggestion "banging them over the head with the Bible" is precisely what they were looking for, and you should have made that clear. They know the source of your truth, at least they presume what it is.

    I think it best, when debating with those hostile to the truth of God's Word, to let them initiate the debate. A random declaration which holds another's view as error tends to immediately create a hostile environment, but, if you are responding to their declaration/s you can seek to control the atmosphere, standing firm on what you believe and more importantly declaring the basis for that belief, which is the Word of God. Those of liberal views often tout themselves as the reservoirs of wisdom, logic, and rational thinking. However, when we analyze the basis of their beliefs, particularly in regards to their view of Scripture, it is usually fairly easy to show the simple errors that have led them to their conclusions. Most errors can be corrected, at least pointed out, by context clarification.

    But if it is just a matter that they hate the truth just because they hate Christians, it becomes a little more difficult.

    I am never hesitant to "bible bash," lol, because the alternative is that I am trying to make myself the determiner of truth. So go ahead, bash away. You'll feel better.


    God bless.
  4. Zaac

    Zaac Well-Known Member

    Jun 12, 2012
    We're not allowed to start threads about human sexuality in the open forums.:thumbs:
  5. Dr. Bob

    Dr. Bob Administrator

    Jun 30, 2000
    RULES OF BB say "NO" to threads like this. Closed.
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