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Sep 22, 2005
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Dec 3, 1951 (Age: 65)
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Wisconsin, USA
Prof. of Ancient Languages and Bible

John of Japan

Well-Known Member, 65, from Wisconsin, USA

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Viewing thread A study of the "Revelation" - date & significance, then & now, Mar 1, 2017 at 1:29 PM
    1. sag38
      I know an air man serving in the Air Force on an air base in Northern Japan. He is in desperate need of a church home and someone to disciple him. Can you help me get him in contact with some good people?
    2. Catalyst
      Well, you really stole my thunder on the Love thread.... good post
    3. John of Japan
      John of Japan
      Thank you, abcgrad94! Having a great one!
    4. abcgrad94
      Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one!
    5. John of Japan
      John of Japan
      Thanks for the tip, Rob. I hadn't heard of this yet. Looks like a great piece of software, though the only Japanese version listed is the Shinkyodo, the Confraternity NT.
    6. Deacon
    7. John of Japan
      John of Japan
      Hi, Rhet. I hope you and yours are doing well too. All I know about David Cloud is that he is a Temple grad and has a big website. I'm surprised that he doesn't think Granddad believed in repentence. JRR is very clear in multiple writings about that. JRH
    8. Rhetorician
      I hope all is well. Can you answer a question for me. What is up with one "Brother Cloud" not believing your Granddad believed in repentance?
    9. John of Japan
      John of Japan
      Okay, friend, I'll check it out.
    10. Salty
    11. John of Japan
      John of Japan
      Hi, Salty. The name kind of rings a bell. My sister Faith Himes might know them. She graduated in '70 and with her MA in '72. Ask if they know her.
    12. Salty
      My brother Gary Teachout, and his wife Diane attended BJU 66-72 (maybe 73) I know BJU is a big school, but does the name ring a bell?
    13. John of Japan
      John of Japan
      My birthday was a good day (yesterday for me). My sweet wife spoiled me (as she always does). She even watched a 3 Stooges movie with me in the evening (a birthday present)! During the day I worked on NT translation--the final draft of Romans in the morning, and Hebrews in the afternoon with good friends Uncle Miya and Mike. A good day all around!
    14. Gwyneth
      Happy Birthday, John.
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    Dec 3, 1951 (Age: 65)
    Home Page:
    Wisconsin, USA
    Prof. of Ancient Languages and Bible
    John Himes
    John of Japan
    Denomination(Baptist, Methodist, Catholic...):
    Independent Baptist
    Home Church:
    Falls Baptist Church
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    Matt. 4:19
    Statement of Salvation:
    I trusted Christ at age 4 at my mother\'s knee.
    Born to a pastor's family. BA & MA in Bible. Missonary to Japan for 33 years. Wonderful wife & son.

    martial arts


    "You cannot teach some people anything because they already know so much that is not so."--J. B. Gambrell, Texas preacher
    "If there be any one point in which the Christian church ought to keep its fervour at a white heat, it is concerning missions to the heathens."--Charles Spurgeon
    “Dr. Barnhouse said, ‘John R. Rice writes for idiots!’ I guess there are a lot of idiots out there since my books are selling well!”--John R. Rice to me.