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Dr. Bob
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Jun 29, 2018 at 6:37 PM
Jun 30, 2000
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Mar 14, 1948 (Age: 72)
Home Page:
Casper, WY USA
Recovering Pharisee, Pastor, College Professor

Dr. Bob

Administrator, Male, 72, from Casper, WY USA

Dr. Bob was last seen:
Jun 29, 2018
    1. PreachTony
      Dr Bob,
      What makes the determination that a thread should be closed because of relevance to the OP? The Heaven or Hell thread from evangelist seemed, at least to me, to be following a fairly normal progression, yet it was closed. Is there a defined list of rules for topic variation that I've not seen. Just curious.
    2. pinoybaptist
      Bob, why are we no longer seeing that link to private messages along with info on unread, etc., which used to be at the right hand corner of a page above the "log out" ?
      now, we don't even see the ability to edit our posts.
      the link is gone.
      is it just me, perhaps ?
      or have changes occurred.
    3. righteousdude2
      Bob - I was not aware that you chose to dump three of my posts. Two of which belonged on the forum because they are definitely discussing issues pertinent to the church, especially at a local and national level!

      I would be mad at me too for having to move three posts, but two are extremely questionable, especially with the other posts you have let stand.

      Come on Bob, let's be fair. Two were not worth moving. I'll give you the one of the aeirl view on Frisco, but the others were legit.
    4. righteousdude2
      I do believe you should know that I, via PM, offered Matt an olive branch. Here is the letter, in case any more issues arise!

      :flower: "While I may live to regret this, I do owe you an apology.

      Instead of welcoming you back, I attacked you, following your inappropriate, but to be expected, comment in the public section of another OP.

      I tender to you my apology for allowing my displeasure with you being back on the board, to get the best of me.

      I am by far a better person than what I demonstrated in my moment of anger; as that did not reflect the kind of love and grace towards the malevolent spirits, that Christ would require of me! If Christ could forgive those who mocked Him, who am I to spew angry words in your direction, even if you possess and are possessed by a repugnant spirit, I remain the property of the Holy Spirit, and am required to extend His nature of love, even to those who hate me." :flower:
    5. righteousdude2
      Thought I'd let you know why the error message. I, from time to time, use my Nook to read the baord topics and respond, and forgot to turn it off. So, because BB was ogged in on my nook, it wouldn't let me do the same on my ;aptop of desk PC. Ah, the wonders of cyber space! I thought this may be helpful in case anyone else has a similar problem. God bless you and I hope you are well!
    6. Rolfe
      Dr. Bob- I am wondering if you had a chance to read the PM I sent you on May 18. Thanks.
    7. rivers1222
      Dr. Bob. How do I go about gaining access to the mens private forum. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but cant find anything on it in the FAQ's.
    8. Archie the Preacher
      Archie the Preacher
      Dear Sir.
      I have put up with enough lies and Pharisee attitude to last me for a very long time. Please remove my account from this forum.
    9. righteousdude2
      Dr. Bob! Feel free to CLOSE my comment in the General Baptist Forum titled The IGNORE Button is the ONLY Way to Go! I did not want to start up a battle of words that caused the OP by Saturn to be closed. I just wanted to have my say, and when I got on line tonight, the OP had been closed! I am not trying to cause more pain to the body! But, I wanted to share my view on how ugly some of the folks on this board are in times of hitting and kicking another when they are down and almost out!
    10. Jon-Marc
      I'm seeing a message at the top of the main page that says I'm missing something for reading private messages. When I clicked on it and tried to download it, it messed up my computer and deleted my MSN home page. All I was getting was a blank page, and I couldn't do anything except delete what I had downloaded and reinstall my home page. Since I got that message on the Baptist Board, I assumed it was safe and necessary; apparently it was not. Jon-Marc
    11. Dr. Walter
      Dr. Walter
      Dr. Bob,

      I understand that you sent warnings to me about the other handle. I did not receive those warnings. Whenever I have a PM, I get a pop up notice of that. Never got it. I went back to my e-mail page that was set up for this account and all I found was the ban notice for having two accounts but no previous warnings. I am not saying you did not send them. All I am saying is that I did not receive them.

      Bro. Mark
    12. Dr. Walter
      Dr. Walter
      Dr. Bob,

      In regard to the "divisiveness" charge, if that were to be fairly administered half of the posters would have to be removed as they charactertistically practice exactly what I was banned for. I repeatedly asked them to stop the personal attacks and ridicule but just deal with the evidence. I charged them with doing exactly what they were charging me with and when I refused to withdraw that charge I was banned for divisveness.

      Anyway, I accept the administrators right to ban whom they will. I just wanted to provide my explanation. I also wrote the Squire and told him about the Dr. Walter account and the need to ban it or remove it. He refuses to do that but simply told me not to use it to post. He did not say I could not use it to PM.

      Bro. Mark
    13. Dr. Walter
      Dr. Walter
      Dr. Bob,

      I created the new account "The Biblicist" a year ago when I and DHK were being repeatedly attacked by my son-in-law who was banned seven different times. The Dr. Walter handled had been so maligned and tainted by the pornagraphic attacks and he never stopped coming back on that I chose another handle to conceal my identity from this hacker. I made the reason known to several by PM and DHK knew it. I had asked DHK to remove the other account but he could not do it. I also explained the reason why I went to another handle on a forum post over a year ago. So there was no attempt to cover up the second account but there was an attempt to have it removed but it could not be removed I was told.

      Bro. Mark
    14. makahiya117
      Dr. Bob, you truly are an excellent administrator.

      I appreciate the teaching ministry and academic freedom of Baptist Board.
    15. agedman

      I wanted to express appreciation for allowing the ME thread to run long enough to expose the underlying falsies, yet not allowing the thread to express any worthy support.

      Very wise!

      I was wondering if it wouldn't be wise for the moderators to create an additional part to the board called "Heretical Teachings" In that would list several closed "threads" or "sticky thingies" in which the moderators gave a brief of the teaching and then a more in depth study of the heresy.

      In that way, a BB member might not stumble onto a topic and be endangered, but could be referred directly to that "sticky thingie" that you all use.

      Just an expression of gratitude and an idea for consideration.

      Blessings upon you and yours!
    16. RIPP0NWV
      The 0 in RIPP0N is a zero.
    17. RIPP0NWV
      Considering there is another Rippon, can you change my name to RIPP0N WV? It was requested by several of the posters.
    18. Matt22:37-39
      dude is coping and pasting my stuff without giving me credit..that is breaking the rules..time to close the thread
    19. Phillip3
      Dr. Bob,
      I am not sure how to PM you so I will just post the message here. I am Phillip3, but was Phillip on the board and moderator of some of the threads. I was wondering if I could get that account back and now I'm retired with full disability I will have a lot of time if you still would like me to moderate. I sincerely miss the board and all of the good friends here. Just send me a private message or email me at randy.dunn7@gmail.com
      Thanks and have a great day!
    20. Matt22:37-39
      how do I BLOCK Luke?
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    Mar 14, 1948 (Age: 72)
    Home Page:
    Casper, WY USA
    Recovering Pharisee, Pastor, College Professor
    Home Church:
    Sovereign Grace Reformed Baptist, Casper
    Favorite Verse:
    Psalm 115:1
    Judging Others, Travel, Civil War Re-enacting, Mountain Climbing, Humor, Satire, World Cruising


    Dr Bob Griffin
    "Jesus knows me, this I love"


    "Why do bad things happen to good people?
    That only happened once, and He volunteered
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